Spiritual Support and Church Affiliates

P.O.C. of Warren County works closely with many of the local churches to promote and sustain our life-saving mission. 

If you are connected with a church in Warren County and would like to help, contact us via email or phone.   

There are many opportunities to be involved in:

  • PRAYER!  Every time you see a baby or new mother think of P.O.C. and pray the Lord will direct expectant mothers and their family to us for pregnancy resources and assistance.

  • VOLUNTEER! Can you personally help?  YES, you can!  Let your church know we exist first of all! Secondly, contact us to learn more about our services and volunteer opportunities.

  • BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGNS!  Several Warren County churches participate in raising funds through our easy Baby Bottle Campaign fundraiser.  P.O.C. will provide you with the baby bottles, you fill them up with change/dollars/checks/in-kind, bring them back, and you've just helped save lives!

  • DONATE!  P.O.C. is a registered non-profit center operating strictly on community member donations.  Prayerfully consider becoming a covenant partner with us for providing the critically needed services to women who are "Abortion-Minded / Abortion-Vulnerable".

  • WELCOME NEW ATTENDEES! Part of our mission is to also help women and their families connect with a church denomination they are familiar with for furthering their walk with Christ.  Be prayerfully ready as we send these community members your way!

There are many additional ways in which you and your church can help.  Contact us for more details! 

(636) 377-4443 or email us at pocofwarrencounty@gmail.com